Our Mission

I have come from my town, descended from my district,
I have done ma'at for its Lord, and satisfied Him with what He loves.
I spoke truly, I did right, I spoke and repeated accurately,
I seized the proper moment in order to stand well with others.
I judged between two people so as to content them both,
I rescued the weak from those stronger than them to the best of my ability.
I gave bread to the hungry, water to the thirsty, clothes to the naked and a boat to the boatless.
I respected the elder, protected the widow, nourished the orphan.
I respected my parents and raised their children.

These words, part of the formulaic eulogy of ancient Egyptian noblemen, remain as true today as they were more than four thousand years ago. While time and technology march on, the basic needs of human survival and human dignity never change. If anything, it is more vital than ever that we rise up together to fight the epidemic spread of poverty across the world -- not just a poverty of resources, but a poverty of hope.

In a cyclic world, where life is in a constant state of renewal and new generations are born continually, children are our vehicle to the future. Healthy, cared-for and well-educated children are our best hope toward breaking old, self-destructive patterns and building a stronger, more hopeful society. It is for this reason, and toward a vision of a world filled with happy, healthy, successful children, that Her Holiness Hekatawy I ordered the creation of a Kemetic Orthodox charity dedicated to children, called the Udjat Foundation, after the Udjat, an ancient Egyptian symbol for the Eye of God that represents health, wholeness and protection.

We believe all children are entitled to the basic necessities of life -- a safe, secure home; adequate, regular nourishment; and opportunities for education -- as well as absolute protection from exploitation and abuse. These are not negotiable concepts: they are absolute necessities for any nation that dares call itself civilized.

The Udjat Foundation has been founded to support these ideals, in the fields of charity (raising funds and disbursing them directly to needy people and indirectly to them via other charitable agencies) and activism (raising awareness, especially in government circles, of children's welfare issues). It is our hope that with each step taken, with each child served, our shared future can become that much brighter, and the legacy of our ancestors can be honored even today.

Please consider adding the Udjat Foundation to the charities you support.


Rev. Craig A. Schaefer (Kai-Imakhu Seped-her Antybast)
Priest of Bast, Goddess of the Sacred Eye, Who Protects the Innocent
Chief Priest, Kemetic Orthodox House of Netjer
Chairman, Udjat Foundation


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